The Cutting Edge

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Relax at The Cutting Edge Salon

Our spa carries Glymed facial products, peels, and Jane Iredele mineral makeup for makeup applications and lessons. Glymed products are a medical grade product line, results are seen more rapidly. Although it is a medical grade product your experience is still relaxing. Jane Iredele makeup is made from all natural minerals and no added dyes which makes this makeup not only stunning but also great on skin with sensitivities. This makeup becomes your true skin it is flawless. The type of Hair removal used is Nufree it is completely botanical which makes it safe to use on all parts of the body, it is the "gold standard".

Our spa offers many services including waxing, facials, peels, microdermabrasion, LED treatments, and massage. We have the only LED machine in the area with 7 different light spectrums to help with all of your skin perfecting needs. Our massage therapist is trained in all different types of therapy to fulfill all of your massage needs.

Facials & Peels


Laser - One Touch


LED Treatments